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  1. What would be the best LED Can Bus conversion kits to fit my 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off road with 6500K for the Hi & low beam headlights & Fog light with plug & play ?
    Thank You,
    Floyd J Roe

    • One problem I’m running into is that the length of the LED bulb means you can’t use the stock plastic housing protector. It seems to me that any leakage there will let salt spray into the lamp area. A big issue when you live in the Northeast.
      Thanks for your research.

    • I have a 2017 Dodge Charger with projector headlights. What would be the best option for an LED headlight bulb in 9005 HB3 to work best with projector headlights.


  2. Hi there,
    I have just seen your great page here reviewing led headlights.
    I have an “old” Mercedes W124 – 1989 model 200E.
    I am looking at upgrading from the old Halogen globes to much more powerful LED globes.
    I live on a Greek Island, and I do not have that many options locally.
    Do you have any recomendations?

    • Read your request for the LED headlight recomendation for your W124. I have the same question about my W126. Did you ever get a usable response? I would be interested in their recommendation.

  3. Hey there,

    Can you help me with choosing the best led kit for me? My car is Volvo V50 2008 with projector lens with halogen bulbs. I will appreciate your professional opinion.

    Thank you!

  4. The article mentions power conzumption of LED lights at 36W and also some numbers on luminosity. Did the author measure it or just used the (misleading) marking on the box? I measured few LED bulbs mentioned and the current is between 1.8 and 2.4A at 12.6V. Multiply these two and you get median of 25W. There is about 90% efficiency of the regulator, so LED gets around 22W. The best reported efficacy of Cree LED is 300lm/W, with median for auto leds at 150 lm/W. That brings me to the light output between 3300 to 6600lm. Very good, but much less than many vendors advertise.

  5. The fan models make more noise. Can you please mention the level of noise each of the fan models make? Will i hear that noise in the car cabin?

  6. Just a few quick comments / questions…

    1. I purchased the Auxbeam’s based on this review and price. I’m sure in some cases (probably most) this isn’t a big issue, but *If you own a HONDA* do NOT purchase these LED’s!

    Although it is sort of mentioned under Cons, the tabs are sooo small that they WILL NOT mount in *ANY* Honda. They literally fall out of the socket. Another big Con imo was that there is absolutely no way to reverse the polarity without either shaving off the locking tab and holding the connector in place with a zip-tie OR rewiring your harness.

    2. I’m glad to see Opt7 in your list, but if this is a “Best of 2018”, why are Opt7’s Fluxbeam-X not included? These also use Cree’s newest XHP50 Diodes instead of the MK-R…

    3. I recently saw Cree’s demo / display of their newest diodes and on the top of their list, along with the XHP50, is the XHP70. After searching I see a number of manufacturers using this chip, are these any good? Better than the 50?

  7. You guys should leave price information at the article cause some items are double the price of others.
    And I don’t even know how could NAO K1 get any better than Auxbeam F-16. Got them both but to be honest Nao sucks. For me Auxbeam should be at the top of LED headlights.

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for your TOP list, it is very useful and understandable! Pictures shows the difference in objective way- I like it.

    I have VW Passat B5 (year 2004) vehicle with H7 headlamp projector type. I use Osram Night Braker halogen lamp. I would like to upgrade it.
    What kind of LED headlight do you suggest to me I can use on public roads?
    Thank you for you help in advance!

    Antal ADAM

  9. Greetings… I have a 2003 Mini Cooper R50 base model with factory Xenon HID headlights. I want to convert them to LED, but am told I cant by various people, but they don’t say why. They are a D2R bulb, and I see a bunch of D2R online, and even conversion kits, but it says at the bottom that it cant be used for factory Xenon HID installs. Is there ANYTHING out there that I can use to convert to LED and get a higher lumen than factory? Thank you.

    • Hi Derek – Did you receive a reply to your conversion problem? I have a 2005 BMW325xi with one bad xenon headlight and I want to convert both to LED. Your thoughts?

  10. How about morimoto 2 stroke 2.0 ,GTR lighting, supernova why are these brands not included which i think are top branded bulbs

  11. I’m looking for the best led bulbs or replacement lenses/ led bulbs combination for a 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5. My old lenses are not giving me the updated visibility I need. Even after I bought new led bulbs it wasn’t much of an improvement. Can you help.

  12. Hi Derek
    Can you tell me the best LED light replacement high and low beam lamps white. for a Qashqai 1.2 2017 model

  13. I have a 2018 Maxima SL with Projector Beam Low Beams and Halogen Bulbs. Most installers say don’t use LEDs in Projector Beam headlights. A few say it’s okay. While others say use special, longer LEDs. Very confusing.

  14. Man, I wish the HIKARI Ultra LED was a bit cheaper. I just can’t swing that kind of money right now for that kind of bulb. I’m really in the market for some new ones but I know my wife would kill me if she found out I spent a lot more than needed on them.

  15. All of my buddies swear by the ACRATO Car LED but it really stunned me when I found out it wasn’t waterproof. How long can it actually last if it’s not waterproof? I’m scared that would cause a whole load of problems for the bulb.

  16. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this article. Halogen lights are cheaper but do not provide the best visibility. HID bright lights cause a blinding effect to oncoming traffic which is undesirable and can cause dangers on roads.With LED technology, the vision is much improved and more focused. LEDs need to be replaced less frequently, also consume less energy and have a longer life.

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